Improve Your Focus in Three Easy Steps

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Improve Your Focus in Three Easy Steps 

Unless you live in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, it is almost impossible to live a life without distractions. These distractions can ultimately affect the effectiveness of your work. 

Technology has proven itself helpful in many areas of our lives, HOWEVER, it can also be a huge cause of distractions. Email, instant messages, social media updates, you name it there is always something vying for your attention. This would include those you work with, family and the daydream of a beach somewhere. It’s like we wallow in the pit of procrastination five minutes at a time. 

So what do you do? How can you make use of technology constructive without falling headlong into the pit? 

I’m so glad you asked! Try these three simple things to help improve your focus. 

  1. Use a Timer. Surprisingly, this one little thing improves our ability to focus almost immediately. It becomes a game of ‘beat the clock’. Try limiting your tasks to two different time categories, 25 minutes, or 55 minutes with a 5–10-minute break in between tasks. If what you are working on is going to take longer than 55 minutes, break it down into 25-minute chunks. 

  • Using a timer will require you to decide what’s the most important part of the task and do them first. Decide how long it should take, and then set the timer.

  • If your mind wanders or if you have a attention challenges, using a timer will increase your power to keep your mind on the task at hand. You will find that you’ll get more done as the time flies by. And you might even find it more relaxing, since you’ll be focused on what you’re doing instead of thinking about 20 other things.

  • Below is what research has shown to be the most productive work schedule: (If you boss doesn’t allow this have them read my article)

  • 50 minutes of work

  • 10 minute break

  • 50 more minutes of work

  • 30 minute break (You might not be able to get away with a 30-minute break at work, but it’s a good time to get up, walk around, and get a drink.)

  • Repeat

  • Time your breaks as well. Have you ever said you were going to do something “real quick” and then 30 minutes later your still doing it? I know the answer is yes, so if you decide to check your email or check social media on a break SET A TIMER! It will also force you to only check on the most important things.

  1. Beware the open window. All the programs you have open that does not directly help with the task at hand should be closed. If you don’t need the internet, close your browser. More importantly, all your email, notifications, games, and blogs should be shut off. If you can, close your door and unplug your phone. 

  • You won’t miss it – everything will still be there when you’re done. You have to learn to eliminate the distractions.

  1. Stop when the urge arises. As you get used to trying these steps, you will find that you have an incredible urge to check your email, Facebook, or Twitter.

  •  Before you do, STOP take 10 seconds, take a long, deep breath and ask yourself if you really want to waste your time on meaningless activities, or if you’d rather accomplish something worthwhile.

Many of us have lost the ability to focus. Following these steps however, which by the way anyone can do, can help improve your focus and effectiveness at any task. 

You will struggle at first, but you can do it. You will get more done, better and faster, by while improving your focus and avoiding things that do nothing but waste your precious time. 

Start today! You’ll be impressed by how much more you can get done!

Until next time, blessings!






Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash