How to Self-Destruct Your Success In Six Easy Steps!

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How to Self-Destruct Your Success In Six Easy Steps!

Did you watch the Academy Awards? If not, I am willing to bet you at least heard about what is being called “the slap heard around the word”. Will Smith walks on the stage, the crowd goes wild, they absolutely love this guy. Then, it happened, he slaps Chris Rock for making comments about his wife. Nobody saw that coming. The crowd even laughed at first thinking it was all staged and planned. Then, when they realized it wasn’t, everything changed. 

We watched in awe as one of the most beloved Hollywood icons self-destructed in front of us!

This just goes to show you that everyone can self-destruct, nobody is immune. The question is why? Why would you want to ruin the very thing you tried so hard to accomplish? Most self-destruction is the result of uneasiness or discomfort. It can be the worry of failing, the fear of succeeding, or having to do things that are uncomfortable. 

I don’t know if she was the first but, trainer Jillian Michaels has been credited with that saying, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Unfortunately, most of us are trying our hardest to avoid discomfort.

Are you self-destructing your success? Answer the following question to see:

  1. Are you distracted? The things we must do to be successful are way less appealing than surfing the net, binge watching Netflix or hanging out with friends. By nature, we have become experts at distracting ourselves, and the longing to seek out distractions increases with the perceived horridness of the task.
    ●     Solution: Don’t be afraid of distractions, it’s ok to have them, BUT you control when to allow them, how long they last and how you take part in them. Maybe three hours of work, 30 minutes of distraction time. Or, just say you can only be distracted at night, it’s up to you but you take charge.

  2. Are you prone to procrastination? To find out if you are a procrastinator read the article, I wrote about this topic called Good Enough To Start. You can find the link here
    ●     Solution: Again, read the article it will provide the solution for you.

  3. Are you indecisive? Indecisiveness in itself is an absolute success killer. When you can’t make up your mind, momentum stops. If you wait until you know everything, and the time is perfect you will NEVER move on. You have to fish or cut bait and go home.

    ●     Solution: Be decisive on what steps need to be done to accomplish your objective AND give yourself a time limit to decide. 

  4. Do negative thoughts reside within? When things are humming along and success is right around the corner our friends, FEAR and DOUBT decide to come play. We should know that when they want to join the party, we are so close to achieving our goals.
    ●     Solution: Ignore fear and doubt. They are just a random noise that can be squashed with positive thoughts. Become your own cheerleader (minus the outfit unless you’re into that) and root yourself on instead of criticizing your own actions.

  5. Do you focus on low-priority tasks over those needed to succeed? We constantly work on our list to “look productive” but tend to do the easy things and avoid the most important tasks. Why? Because important tasks are often the least enjoyable, so we avoid them. We tackle the less important tasks because it allows us to feel like we’re still making progress.
    ●     Solution: Have a list of most important to least important and START at the top. If you want success, you want to be on the top, right? So start there.

  6. Do you quit? I can almost assure your self-destruction if you just quit. Maybe this should have been number one. You will never achieve your goals or have sustained success if you quit.
    ●     Solution: You never know if success is an inch away or a mile away so keep moving towards it. Create a habit of finishing what you start. Remember that you can always try again, regardless of the outcome.

 Self-destruction can actually be a great problem to have. Think about it, there is no one else that needs to change. The entire problem is your responsibility! I promise, it’s easier to change yourself than it is to change someone else. 

The ONLY person responsible for YOUR success or failure is staring at you in the mirror each day.

I have an affirmation called The Believers Creed, if you want a free copy sign up on my website and ask me for it. I would be happy to share. 






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