How Do You Define Success?

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How Do You Define Success?

It’s unfortunate that a majority of people believe money is what definitively defines success. Let me tell you, I have met a lot of wealthy people that were absolutely miserable. Why? Because success is about a lot more than just money.

How do you define success? Is success dependent upon how much money you have? I guess if that is what defines it for you then sure. But reader beware, if it is, it will be as fleeting as your success. One day you got it, and the next you don’t.

Success is about so much more!

One of the first and most important things you need to do on your quest to define success is figure out what it is you value. What brings you joy and happiness while also avoiding those things that could bring shame and regret, either now or when you are older. Don’t sweat, I promise it’s not as hard as you think.

So, in coming up with your UNIQUE definition of SUCCESS let’s determine what’s important.

Contemplate on these:

  1. Perfection. How should the perfect person live? Are they moral and ethical? Do you resonate with this? Is this what you strive for each day?

  2. Personal Growth. Have you ever wanted to learn a language or play the sax? Maybe you want to be a triathlete or climb Mt. Everest? Build something with your hands? Or maybe, you just want to be a better version of you?

  3. Adventure. Maybe success means living an exploratory life. Office job by day, motocross every weekend? How about taking a dart to a map traveling to wherever it hits?  Maybe it’s walking on hot coals but to me that’s just dumb.

  4. Being a Provider. To some, success is as simple as providing for your family. Giving your children an opportunity that you may have never had. A nice house in the burbs or supporting your spouse’s dreams.

  5. Friends. How many do you need to FEEL successful? Do you value them? How do you feel when they aren’t around? What does their friendship mean to you? Does spending time with them feel like your life is a success?

  6. Being a Giver of Self. For some, giving of themselves is the ultimate measure of success, they love helping others. Satisfaction comes when you feel needed and can freely give of yourself.

  7. Cheerfulness, Happiness, and Joy. You might define success by how cheerful you are, how happy you are or how much joy you have in your life. Now I realize that these are a byproduct of something you do, but you still can measure success by how much of them you have.

  8. Goals. Some still measure success by how many goals they achieve. Married by 25, corner office by 30, partner by 35. They are challenged by setting huge goals and having the discipline and determination to achieve them. Does this sound like you?

  9. Time. Being able to allocate the 24 precious hours a day we have appropriately, may be key on many people’s list. After all, what good is having a bunch of money if you don’t have time to enjoy it. Have you ever wished you had more time? What amount of free time do you need to enjoy your best life?

  10. Career. This can play into and off of #8. Some people only look at their status, promotions and wages to measure success.

I hope you can see that your unique definition of success will likely span many areas. Remember having a lot of free time would be great, as long as it doesn’t’ come at a cost to your family.

You will need to find your own values and beliefs in order to create the version of success you want. My personal, unique version of success is this. I believe I am successful when I have the opportunity to help others and I take it, and when I have time to enjoy family and friends while balancing my life between work and play.

Now, go and discover your unique definition of success!



Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash