How do you view and define success?

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How do you view and define success?
Yesterday, I received an email from a “LinkedIn marketing guru” asking me why I open his emails and don’t respond.

He went on to actually use questions like….

“Do you not want to elevate your life?”

“Do you not want to succeed as an independent entrepreneur?”

And my personal favorite….

“Do you not want to be your family’s hero?”

I mean seriously, you want to sell me something , you want me to buy into your “special system,” you have got to do better than that.

To a degree, I get it. You don’t know me so you are going to try and appeal to worldly desires and worldly wealth lumping me in with the 30,000 other people you spam.

Guess what, that doesn’t appeal to me at all. Here is where I think the problems lie.

His approach is to worldly success. Granted, success is a big idea in the world. It affects what we aim for and how we measure doing well. He doesn’t realize success is different depending on how you see the world.

Let me explain:

The Worldview of Success, is getting rich, powerful, famous, or having lots of stuff. It's like climbing up the work ladder, making money, and getting recognized.

But there is a different worldview. The Christian worldview.
Here, success is more about a connection with God and following what's in the Bible. It's not about money or fame.

The Christian worldview
is about growing spiritually, doing what's right, and living a life that makes God happy. Don’t get me wrong, Christians don't ignore money or achievements, it’s just that those aren't the most important things. True success, for a Christian is living in line with what God wants and helping others.

The worldview is about making yourself happy and achieving personal goals. But for Christians, it's about being selfless, humble, and helping others. Success isn't just about now; it's about what happens forever. It's not about money but about being spiritually, emotionally, and relationally well.

One of the greatest things you can learn in sales is how to build rapport. That doesn’t take place in an email relationship.

How we think about success truly does depend on our worldview. While some focus on money and fame, Christians focus on doing what God wants. These different views show how people have different values. Understanding these differences helps us talk about what success really means.

So to all the LinkedIn marketing gurus who have the BEST system to “take me to the level I can’t reach without you,” I suggest getting to know your prospect. Heck all he had to do was read my LinkedIn profile. If he couldn’t figure out which worldview I was most likely to follow, he might be in the wrong business.

Go make a difference in someone’s life today!

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