How Do You Deal With Unexpected News?

How do you deal with unexpected news?
A little over a month ago, during a routine blood test, my doctor noticed an increase in my white blood count and referred me to a hematologist. During the initial meeting, I was told that they believed I had something called CLL, (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) but they would run another blood test to confirm.

Imagine getting the results in your client portal before the follow up appointment and reading words like “The neoplastic cells are CD38-positive which is associated with a less favorable clinical course.”
A LESS FAVORABLE CLINICAL COURSE? What the heck does that mean?

Then, the doctors office calls and moves your appointment up a week and a half. Oh no, it’s bad, it’s really bad. It can’t wait two weeks I need to go in asap.

I don’t know about you, but there are some things I need to know answers too. It’s not that I don’t fully trust the one I serve, that’s not it at all, it’s again some things I just need to know.

So what does any smart person do? You guessed it, I turn to Dr. Google. It’s amazing to find that when I put in the words that were on the report all of the different things I had and would be dying from. It was enough to scare the fire out of me. The bad part is I don’t know why. I know where I’m going and I know it’s a lot better than here but, I’m not ready (in the purely selfish sense), spiritual speaking 100%, bring it.

Anyhow, the doctors appointment comes and the first think he says is, we believe we are correct, you have CLL, blood cancer…as it echos through my head….cancer…..cancer….cancer. Focus Jeff, listen to what he says! The GOOD NEWS is, (oxymoron, good news and cancer) you will die with CLL not because of CLL. Yea me, I think.

He went on to explain what it really is and how they will treat it, in 10 years or so, if at all. Wait, what, 10 years, if at all?

“Yes!” He went on, “Dying from CLL is rare and you have no symptoms at all so there is no reason to treat anything yet.”

What a relief, honestly, it’s a weight that has been lifted off of me. I can go on now and no longer fear the dreaded word Leukemia. I can focus again on my mission in life, helping others.

So forgive me for being absent for the last month, I was dealing, adjusting, rejoicing….

I’m looking forward to everything that 2024 has to offer. I’ve tried hard to come up with a word for the year but decided to choose a phrase instead. So for me, I’m boldly going into 2024 with this as my word….

"Triumph in Resilience”

Go and make a difference in someone’s life today!

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