How deep is your bench?

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How deep is your bench?
Having the right talent on your team is a game-changer. It's not just about the starters, but also about the strength and resilience of the entire roster, several layers deep.

The concept of having a deep bench goes beyond having a backup plan. It's about fostering a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration, and trust within your organization.

During the regular season, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost several starters, putting a real strain on the entire team. If it wasn’t for the depth of their bench (and some help from the Titans) they wouldn’t have made it to the post season.

But that’s football… What does that have to do with business?


Here's why having a deep bench matters:

Adaptability and Agility: Being able to adapt to unexpected changes is paramount. Whether your staring center gets hurt or your CEO walks out, a deep bench allows you to tap into the skill set and talent of your team, enabling you to pivot quickly and seize new opportunities.

A deep bench ensures that you have capable individuals at every level of your organization. This prevents bottlenecks and empowers your team to make decisions and take ownership of their work. It fosters a culture where innovation and problem-solving thrives. When your second and third string get playing time, they feel empowered to contribute their best.

Succession Planning: Building a deep bench is an investment in the future of your team. When your Quarterback announces retirement or your CFO moves on, this proactive approach to succession planning minimizes disruptions and keeps your team on a steady course towards victory.

A deep bench also acts as a safety net during challenging times. Whether it's unexpected absences, an injury, or unforeseen circumstances, having a talented and capable backup, ready to step up, ensures that your organization can still win. It instills confidence in your stakeholders, your fan base, and the team itself.

It’s also important to know that those on the bench really need to want to be there. They have to know that they are valued and could be called on at anytime to step up and make a play.

So, how deep is your bench? Are you confident that your team can go the distance, adapt to change, and overcome any obstacles that come their way?

Yes the Steelers lost some games this year to teams they should have easily beaten. But, they also won games when it really mattered, against teams that were stronger and healthier. That just goes to show how important a deep bench is.

And they had some help by teams that weren’t playing for anything but pride.

Go make a difference in someone’s life today!

And Yes, I believe in Steeler Nation! Here We Go!

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