Do You Call People Back?

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Do you call people back?
One of my all-time pet peeves is the lack of follow-up. Now if you are someone who chooses to not return phone calls or emails, just stop reading right here because you will not like what I have to say.

I recently received an insurance renewal notice for my church. It went up almost 20% and I wanted to know why so I called my agent, left a voicemail AND sent an email. Three days later, still no response.

Are they that busy? They can’t take the common courtesy and send an email back or pick up the phone and call? I just don’t understand why.

In today's highly competitive marketplace, providing excellent products or services is no longer enough. What sets successful companies apart is their ability to build strong relationships with their customers, and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is through thoughtful and consistent follow-up.

What can you expect if you do?

Customer Loyalty: Right now all I want to do is find a new agent. Believe me, when your customer is frustrated because of your lack of follow up, they are ready to find a new you as well. It’s so simple to do. Following up shows that you genuinely care about their satisfaction and their concerns.

A follow-up conversation can also be an opportunity to gain valuable insights and feedback from your customers. If you know WHY they are upset, you can work on repairing the damage.

Timely follow-up can also help build your brand. You become known for being available. Remember, the perception of your brand is shaped not just by the quality of your products, it’s your service and how you treat your clients. To me, not following up says “you’re not worth my time.”

Look, I get it, there could be a thousand excuses, I mean “reasons” why they didn’t call me back. They could be out of the office, on vacation, at a training (hopefully on customer service), but all they had to do was let us know.


Out of office messages on email.

Change their voicemail saying they will be out of the office.

Have someone else monitor their calls and emails.

These sound simple but most will not take the time to do it.

You want to be a star? Follow-up.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Go and make a difference in someone’s life today.

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