Are You Getting Noticed By All The Right People?

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Are You Getting Noticed By All the Right People?
You undoubtedly know that building a business is about how you market yourself and the business you are trying hard to create.

When you are trying to establish yourself or promote your business, you want to make people aware of your brand. Building your image and getting noticed can take time.

So, what can you do to get noticed?

Here are some tips that I think can go a long way in accomplishing your goal:

Be professional. Your presence is important. Remember that first impressions matter if you are trying to promote your business or build your reputation.

Some ways you can display your professionalism are as follows:

Always follow up on emails from people you are trying to connect with in a timely and professional manner. I like to have a twenty-four- hour policy for replies. If you do something similar, it’ll make you look reliable, trustworthy, and professional.

Make sure that you fully understand the vision you have for your business. Prepare for people to ask questions and then confidently explain and describe your business model. Be confident and believe in what you do!

Be courteous. If you meet somebody you think you would like to work with, remember to follow up your meeting with a polite email and a follow-up later on.

Have a regular social media presence. We all know that social media allows people worldwide to connect with your business and reach out to you.

Make sure you create a social media profile to advertise your business. If you are the business make it about you.

Ensure your content is professional and free from profanity or anything that doesn’t demonstrate and show off your brand in the best light.

Update your content regularly. This allows you to engage with people and reply to them far quicker than you would an email.

Don’t be afraid to share!

People like John Knotts, Scott Newton, Gina Riley, and Mandolen Mull, Ph.D. are just a few folks I know that do this quite well.

Never underestimate the power of business cards. Having available all the information people need to find and interact with you can be a powerful tool.

If they are printed cards, make sure you are consistent. Have your logo on the card and how people can contact you. If you have a website, ensure it is spelled correctly and visible on the card.

Use the card to promote your social media profiles and ensure you keep them up to date regularly.

If anything changes, print out new cards! Don’t ever cross something out.

Have a digital card that can be scanned or shared. The cost is lower than having to constantly reprint cards.

Overall, you must be professional, engaged, and confident. Trust your instincts and believe in your business.

Go and make a difference in someone’s life today!

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