Why Is Being Resilient Critical For Being A Leader?


Why is being resilient critical for being a leader?
Yesterday, I asked the question, “Do you have the mind of a leader”


Although I didn’t use the word “resilience,” Scott Newton was quick to point out that resilience was important to a leaders long term success.

Today I want to dive in deeper on what that word looks like for a leader.

Being resilient is a critical trait for any successful leader.

👉 Resilience is the ability to quickly adapt and respond to change especially when faced with difficult circumstances.

👉 Leaders who are resilient have the confidence to make unpopular decisions if needed and take responsibility for their actions, instead of following what others are doing.

👉 Resilience allows the leader to stay motivated and focused on achieving the desired outcome despite unexpected detours or delays.

👉 Resilience helps leaders stay calm in stressful situations and look for creative solutions that can benefit everyone involved.

Ultimately, it's this kind of determination and problem-solving that often sets strong leaders apart from the rest.

As a leader, how’s your level of #resilence? Have you checked it lately?

Share your thoughts below.

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