What Is Your But Because?


What is your but because?
I was listening to a podcast yesterday and the host was talking about paper walls. He described them as barriers we put up to stop us from moving forward but they in fact are not real, they are just excuses we disguise as reasons.

Let me show you what I mean.

👉 I want to transfer you to the sales department.

👉 I would love to but I can’t BECAUSE I really have to finish these projects I’m working on.

👉 I wish I could but I can’t BECAUSE I’m needed here.

👉 That’s a great opportunity but BECAUSE….

Let’s be honest we all have a “but because” in our lives. We use them as excuses for not doing something. Take the examples above. Would if we changed our words to speak the truth.

I want to transfer you to the sales department.

I would love to but because I’m afraid of the change I can’t.

I wish I could but because I’m not good at sales I can’t.

We live with self-doubt, we believe in things about ourselves that just are not true. Therefore creating these “false walls” that stop us from progressing.

Sometimes we even sound humble with our reasoning why not, our because becomes almost noble.

➡️ Stop the excuses!

➡️ Be honest with yourself and others.

➡️ Get rid of the “but because” and embrace the I would love too!

You can accomplish so much more when you believe in yourself and not the negative thoughts that have been spoken into you by others.

Start today! Tear down the false walls and push on to your greatness.

Share your thoughts below.

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