What Is Blocking You From Success?


What is blocking you from success?
Today is “National Walk Around Things” day. (Really, I don’t make this stuff up.) So I thought I would talk about obstacles, real or perceived, that are blocking you and holding you back.

In sales, these obstacles are know as objections. Reasons that prospects come up with as to why they won’t make a decision to proceed. To the rest of us, they are excuses we tell ourselves as to why we “can’t” (I hate that word) do something.

I call these obstacles, these objections…..opportunities.

I have found that when a prospect or client makes the decision to not decide they in fact have decided, they just don’t realize it.

It’s in these moments that the fun begins.

What does a prospect/client really mean when they say no?

I believe what they are saying is they don’t KNOW enough to make an educated decision to proceed.

This allows us the opportunity (there’s that positive word again) to ask questions and drill down to the real objection.

Professional sales people are really good at things like this. They know how to stop things from blocking them. They know how to “walk around” the obstacles.

So what about the rest of society that are not in sales. How do they learn to “walk around” what’s blocking them?

Here are a few things you can do.

👉 Identify the root cause:

You need to understand why you're facing this obstacle in the first place. Once you have identified the cause, you can work towards finding a solution.

👉 Change your perspective:

I did this earlier when I changed the word objection to opportunity. It's always helpful to look at the situation from a place of positivity.

👉 Seek advice from others:

Having a coach or a mentor will provide a perspective you may never have thought of.

👉 Keep moving:

Don't let what’s blocking you stop you from walking around. Make daily progress towards finding a solution.

I would love to know what you do to “walk around” the obstacles/objections you face. What’s help you turn them into opportunities?

Share your thought below.

Go make a difference today!

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