What does your face say about you?


What Does Your Face Say About You?
They say that the face is the window to the soul.

Throughout history, people have been intrigued by the messages conveyed through facial expressions, especially during conversations.

Yesterday I wrote about a phrase people use that often makes the listener question the conversation. Robyn Tresnak commented that she watches the facial expressions of people during a conversation. So, that made me do some thinking on the subject.

The study of faces has fascinated humans for centuries. In fact our face can speak volumes about our personality, emotions, and overall well-being.

Take for instance our facial expressions:
Our smiles, frowns, and raised eyebrows can communicate happiness, anger, surprise, and much more.

Facial expressions are an essential part of nonverbal communication.

If you are in sales and you are talking with your prospect, watching their face can give you a clue as to how much of what you are saying they truly understand. Actually you can do this in any conversation.

All of us have what are called micro expressions. These are quick facial expressions that occur in a fraction of a second, revealing hidden emotions or intentions. They are often involuntary and can reveal a person's “true feelings,” even if they are trying to conceal them. Poker players call these a “tell”.

Our faces are an incredibly powerful communication tool, revealing much more than what meets the eye.

Our faces provide valuable insights into who we are and how we are feeling. From the way we express our emotions to the underlying aspects of our character, our faces can tell it all.

So, take a moment, look in the mirror and appreciate the fascinating messages that your face conveys.

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