What defines your character?


What defines your character?
Yesterday, I talked about integrity and a comment was made that linked integrity to character. This gave me a reason to write about character today.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “oh, he’s a character”? Normally that means someone is interesting, unusual, or amusing.

Being called a character can be both positive and negative. In the positive sense, it would mean they like your uniqueness and find you interesting. While in the negative sense, they find you reckless and brash.

Either way there is a huge difference between being a character and having or lacking character.

If you lack character, you are often referred to as being spineless, "wishy-washy", or weak. So how do you know if you have character? Here are a few things that could define a person's character:

👉 Your character is often shaped by your values and beliefs. Things like honesty, integrity, compassion, and fairness are words that describe you.

👉 Your actions and behaviors in various situations can reveal a lot about your character. If you are one who consistently displays positive behaviors like kindness, empathy, and respect, chances are you are a person of a good character.

👉 Your attitude and outlook reflect resilience, and you have the ability to remain optimistic even when faced with challenges.

👉 Your interactions with friends, family, colleagues, and strangers, can really highlight your true character. When you are respectful, considerate, and supportive in relationships it is often seen as a positive characteristic.

👉 You learn from your mistakes, you seek self-improvement, and you take responsibility for your actions.

Your character is a complex and multifaceted trait that evolves and changes over time. It can be greatly influenced by many things like your childhood, life experiences, and the personal choices you make.

So are you a character or are you a person OF character?

Go make a difference in someone’s life today!

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