What Are Your Three Greatest Challenges?


What are your three greatest challenges?
For most, it’s electronics! You know, your computer, your phone and your T.V..

Spending the time we do on all three of these will make your head swim and leave you wondering where the time went.

Apple products even give you a weekly screen time report that lets you know how many hours a day you were live on their screen. Just what you need right?

Most of us use all three for business, I get that. But all three can become a huge distraction if you don’t plan.

So what are some things you can plan to do to minimize or eliminate these deadly daily distractions?

👉 Set a schedule as to when you check email and respond. If you have your computer set to alert you when a new email comes in, SHUT IT OFF.

👉 Turn off post notifications on your phone. Much like your emails, set a time to check your feed.

👉 If you are a television watcher, record the shows you like and schedule a time to binge watch them.

After all, if these distractions are taking you away from real work or slowing down your creativity or productivity wouldn’t you want to fix them?

I only listed three distractions, what are your biggest challenges?

Share your thoughts below.

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