What are the challenges to bringing Jesus to work?

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What are the challenges to bringing Jesus to work?
This week I have been focusing on the question, “If you are a believer, should you bring Jesus to work?” The discussion around this has been a very beautiful thing. If you have interacted with the previous posts, thank you. If not, maybe today’s will entice you.

Yesterday, I shared numerous benefits to bringing your faith (in this case Jesus) to work. While the benefits are great, it's important to understand the challenges that may arise.

Here are some common hurdles and strategies for navigating them:

Respect for Diversity:

In today's diverse and multicultural workplaces, it's crucial to respect the beliefs and backgrounds of others. Be mindful of how you express your faith and avoid imposing your beliefs on others. Encourage open and respectful conversations about faith, only when it’s appropriate. It is key to remember that being respectful doesn’t mean you agree. We can all tactfully agree to disagree and remain civil towards each other.

Balancing Faith and Professionalism:

Finding the right balance between expressing who Jesus is to you and maintaining professionalism can be challenging. It's essential to know when and how to discuss your faith, ensuring that it doesn't interfere with your job responsibilities or create discomfort for others. But if you get attacked for your beliefs, don’t be afraid to stand up for them in a civil way.

Workplace Policies:

By all means, make sure you understand all of your company's policies on about discussing faith in the workplace. Ensure that your expressions of faith comply with these policies and seek accommodations when necessary. While most companies will have policies in place that protect an employee’s rights to practice their religion, they should also have guidelines for respectful behavior in the workplace.

Conflict Resolution:

Conflicts may arise when your desire to put Christ first intersects with your work, whether it's related to scheduling conflicts for religious observances or differences in belief with colleagues. In these situations, engage in open and respectful communication to find mutually acceptable solutions. You should never have the “my way or the highway” attitude. After all, is that how Jesus would react?

Perception of Bias:

Be aware of the potential perception of bias that may arise if you openly express your faith in a leadership role. While faith can be a source of strength and guidance, it should not be used to discriminate or show favoritism, EVER!

I will finish up this series tomorrow when I will share some practical steps on bringing Jesus to work.

Go make a difference in someone’s life today!

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