Still Remote?

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Still remote?
There are some companies where remote work has become an integral part of how they operate. But this type of work is not without its challenges.

When I talk with leaders who are still operating remotely or even hybrid, two questions come to mind. 1. What are the issues you are experiencing with remote work? 2. How do you strengthen team cohesion?

I have yet to discover anyone that feels there are no challenges.

However, approaching them with an open mind will allow you to find solutions.

Here are the top five issues I have found and ideas to mitigate them:


Miscommunication or a sense of isolation is often prevalent with remote workers. To counter this, establish clear communication protocols, hold regular video meetings, and promote the use of tools to keep everyone connected.

Team Collaboration.

Building a cohesive team can be challenging in and of itself, coupled with the fact that the employees are remote just ads to the challenge. With team-building activities, virtual social events, and projects that require cross-functional collaboration, you can foster a sense of belonging.

Monitoring and Accountability.

The thought, ‘If you can’t see them are they really working?’ crosses the mind of many leaders. Implementing performance metrics that focus on results and deliverables rather than hours worked, will help with this.

Security and Data Privacy.

Although there could be an increase in cybersecurity risks, if you invest in robust security measures, provide best practices, and enforce strict data protection policies you could limit this issue.

Career Advancement and Development.

Remote employees may feel that their career development is hindered. By providing opportunities for professional development and allowing them to mentor new employees, remote workers will stay top of mind and be ready for advancement opportunities.

By proactively addressing these challenges, you can overcome them and create a more adaptable workplace.

I invite you to share your experiences with remote work challenges and the strategies that have worked for your company.

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