Is your workplace a hotbed of negativity?

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Is your workplace a hotbed of negativity?




It seems that people from all walks of life are just not happy. They spread negativity like peanut butter on toast wherever they go. In other words, it’s easy for them to do.

Our workplaces are not immune, in fact, they very well could be the petri dish of negativity that causes the overflow into your home life.

So what can you do to reverse this invasion of Negative Nellies? (No offense to anyone named Nellie)

Here are a few ways YOU can spread positivity at work and change the world:

👉 Be grateful: Let those you work with know how much you appreciate them and all that they contribute.

👉 Be a team player: Promote collaboration and teamwork when at all possible. Praise those on your team for their cooperation.

👉 Look for things to celebrate: Recognize all success, no matter how small, and acknowledge hard work.

👉 A.B.K. (Always Be Kind): Be mindful of the feelings and needs of others, show true empathy and be willing to support and encourage everyone.

👉 Be positive with your words: Share positive news and ideas, and focus on solutions rather than problems.

👉 Practice active listening: I can’t stress this enough. Learn to listen to respond not react. Pay attention to what others are saying and respond thoughtfully, showing that you value their input.

👉 Lead by example: You must be the one to set a positive tone, demonstrating optimism and a can-do attitude.

I hope this short list of ideas can help you change your work environment from the land of negativity to a place of positivity!

What are some things you would add to the list?

Go make a difference in someone’s life today!

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