Is your mindset that of an employee or an owner?


Is your mindset that of an employee or an owner?
There have been a lot of posts the past few days relating to employees and work ethics. Several of us agree that the difference in workers boils down to their mindset.

Do they have an employee mindset or an owner mindset?

Let’s break that down.

An employee mindset is when the worker is focused on the tasks and responsibilities of their job, only performing within the framework of their specific role and job description. Very seldom will they “do more than required,” only just enough to get by.

They show up to work a minute before they start and walk out 30 seconds before their day is over.
You know who these people are.

The worst part of an employee mindset is, most are less likely to be personally invested in the success or failure of the company. It’s just a job to them.

On the other hand, when an employee has an owner mindset, they are extremely focused on taking ownership and responsibility for the success of the business.

These employees take a holistic view of the company and its operations. How it works, what can be improved upon, investing themselves in its long-term success.

They are also more willing to take risks and make decisions that may be “outside of their job description,” while constantly looking for ways to improve the business and drive growth.

Some leaders are afraid to hire an employee with an owners mindset because they might eventually leave to truly become an owner themselves. STOP thinking this way! These employees are gold and will help you grow your organization quicker and faster, developing others just like them.

Embrace them, nurture them, and if you truly value them and appreciate them, make their experience with you so great that they will never want to leave.

So what do you look for? Workers that watch the clock or ones that watch the business?

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