If you are a believer, should you bring Jesus to work?

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If you are a believer, should you bring Jesus to work?
For many of us, work takes up a significant portion of our lives. We spend a substantial amount of our waking hours in the workplace.

We are taught that striving for success, financial security, and personal fulfillment should be the goals we all have.

But what if you are a follower of Christ? Should those be the same goals?

It can be challenging to reconcile our faith in Jesus and what we are taught with the demands and differences of the modern workplace.

Should our beliefs be left at the door when we enter the office, or is there a way to integrate our faith into our work life?

Over the next four days, I will share the concept of bringing your faith to work, the benefits it can offer, and how to navigate the challenges it may present.

But first, we need to understand what this “Intersection of Faith and Work” is.

Faith often serves as a guiding force in our lives. It has a direct impact on influencing our values, our beliefs, and can serve as a moral compass for us. It provides a sense of purpose and meaning that extends beyond the material world.

On the other hand, work is where we engage in the pursuit of our livelihood, professional growth, and the achievement of personal and financial goals. These two aspects of life may appear separate, but they can be integrated in a way that enriches both.

I hope to show you the value of these two parts of your life by examining the practical aspects of bringing your faith in Christ to the workplace.

Tomorrow, I will address the benefits of bringing your faith to work.

Go make a difference in someone’s life today!

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