How often do you change your voicemail?


How often do you change your voicemail?
I was having lunch last week with my friend John Knotts and we started talking about our “why” and routines we have.

I mentioned that I change my voicemail six days a week. (Saturday and Sunday are a weekend message)

His jaw about hit the floor when he laughed. If I could have gotten a picture it would have been priceless.

“Every day, why?”, he asked. But before I could answer he said, “wait, that’s a post.”

So, today, it’s a post.

A long, long time ago, in an age before the technology of today, most business people had a person that answered their phone and took something called a message. They would write a note saying who called and what they wanted. With the hopes that the person they were trying to reach would call back. (Yes ghosting has always been around.)

When business evolved to voicemail the caller could leave their own message. Same process, same results.

I hated on the other end of the phone never knowing if the person would get my message, return my call, or if they were even around.

So I did something about it. From the time I had my first voicemail, I have changed my message every day. Although, I have missed a few.

When someone calls either of the three phone numbers I have, if I don’t answer they get my message.

It’s really quite simple.

In an upbeat message I tell them “Hi” and my name. This is so whoever calls knows right away if they have the right number or not.

Then I proceed to tell them what day it is, (this let’s them know if I am in the office or not) I thank them for calling, and then I then bid them fair well and leave them with a quote of some type.

I have found over the last 30 years or so that most people appreciate it. Not only the message but the fact that they know if I am out of town or away from the office it might be an extended time before I can return their call.

Sure I’ve had the occasional sour puss who says that was the longest message they have ever heard,  just to complain about it.  (They are the first btw to call me out if I do happen to miss a day)

You never know who hears the message and it says something to them. I have several who call and when I answer they get disappointed because they WANTED to hear the message. I tell them to follow me on FaceBook because whatever quote I use is posted there as well.

I do it to make a difference, to stand out and to let people know that if they call back and my message is different, they at least know I heard it and am truly choosing to ignore them (you know who you are).

What do you do to stand out?

Go make a difference in someone’s life today!

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