How Do You Handle Loss?


How do you handle loss?
“The only thing certain in life are death and taxes.”
⁃ Benjamin Franklin

With that statement, we should all be prepared for death, to handle death, and to accept death as being certain. But why is it still tough?

I spent the weekend with a special family, part of my church family, at the bedside of one of them who was transitioning from this life to his eternal life with Jesus.

As his pastor, I knew he was ready and had no regrets of the 84 years of the life he lived.

Last night, he took his last breath and made that split second journey to the arms of the Father.

I started thinking about loss and how to deal with it even if when the departed is a follower of Christ and you know where they went.

I came up with some things that might just help you deal with loss.

👉 Allow yourself to grieve.

It's okay to be sad, angry, or confused. Acknowledge your emotions and allow yourself to feel them.

👉 Lean on others for help.

Don’t be afraid to share your feelings with your family, friends, your pastor or a therapist.

👉 Take care of yourself.

Far too often in our grief we forget to take care of ourselves. Make sure you eat well, stay active, and get rest.

👉 Accept the loss.

Accepting the loss does not mean forgetting. It just means acknowledging the loss and learning to live with it.

Look, we all grieve in different ways. Some of us can get through loss because we know and believe they are in a much better place. For others, that might not have that comfort, seeking help from a licensed grief counselor can provide some coping mechanisms to help you get through the loss.

Personally, as a follower of Christ, dealing with the loss of a loved one is still hard but I cannot fathom the grief others may feel not knowing what happens in death.

Celebrate the life of those you’ve lost and live your life as if today is your last.

What have you done that has helped you deal with loss?

Go make a difference today!

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