How Do You Deal With The Bear?


How do you deal with the bear?
We have all had our run in with the bear, aka “difficult people.” You know stubborn, obstante, always needing to be right. In fact, if you have yet to meet one of these people….consider looking in the mirror, it just might be you.

In todays world, navigating what we say or how we react to these “difficult” people can be a challenge. Do we confront, do we walk away, do we cower in fear?

As a leader, there are some steps we can take to minimize the level of difficulty and work together in a place of understanding.

In the John Maxwell Leadership Bible, he refers to these as the “Ten Commandments of Handling Difficult People”

👉 Use the 101% Principle. Find the 1% you agree on and give it 100% of your attention.

👉 Love people more than policies, but love truth more than people.

👉 Give others the benefit of the doubt.

👉 Learn to be flexible where you can.

👉 Check your own attitude.

👉 Don’t overreact to conflict and disagreement.

👉 Welcome the conflict. Make it a learning experience.

👉 Provide an escape for the person in conflict. This allows them to maintain their dignity.

👉 Take a risk. It’s ok to give people a second chance.

👉 Take the high road. Be generous and believe the best about others.

I believe these can all be wrapped up with the Golden Rule.

Now before you get all new age on me and say “the new leadership rule is the platinum rule” remember this is my post. I don’t agree with Dr. Tony and I have that right.

My thought is I will continue to treat people the way I would want to be treated. With love, kindness, gratitude Kevin, compassion, joy Vicki, mercy and grace.

Now go, lead today with purpose.

Share your thoughts below.

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