Have you noticed a difference in consumer behavior?

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As I talk with #business leaders, one question keeps coming up. “Are other clients of yours noticing a change in consumers?”

The simple answer, YES!

Now let’s dig a little deeper for the cause.

This new era of consumer behavior has a lot to do with two things. Changes in technology and the shifting societal norms since the pandemic.

As leaders, understanding these changes is vital for staying ahead of the curve and meeting the ever changing needs of our customers.

So what are some of these new consumer behaviors?

The Amazon Effect.

The online revolution has accelerated. Consumers are relying more from online channels. Everything from shopping, news, to entertainment. This is forcing businesses to increase their online presence to remain competitive.

Safety and Trust.

Brands that prioritize transparency, safety and ethical practices are more likely to earn a consumers trust and loyalty.


Eco-friendly products, sustainable sourcing, and environmentally responsible practices have become mainstream and are proving to be important factors in buying decisions.

Remote Work.

Consumption patterns have been altered. With an increased demand for home office equipment, comfortable clothing, and entertainment options, product development and marketing strategies need to be refigured.

It’s all about me.

Personalized experiences and ease of use are becoming more and more important. Knowing the data can allow you to deliver tailored recommendations as well as streamlining your customers journey.

Defined Values.

Consumers are spending and investing their money on things and in companies that align with their values and beliefs. Brands that support social causes or align with their beliefs are resonating well.

Subscription Services.

The popularity of subscription-based models are on the rise. Everything from streaming services to food to pet supplies. They offer convenience and predictability while fostering customer loyalty.

Stars, stars, stars.

Online reviews and recommendations are becoming significant in purchasing decisions. Managing your companies online reputation is a must.

It's essential to listen to your customers and change what needs to be changed.

I encourage you to stay attuned to the pulse of the market and drive positive change.

Go make a difference in someone’s life today!

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