Have You Lost Your Motivation?


Have you lost your motivation?
Today is the last day of the first month of a new year. 1/12th of the year is gone. Your goals, your plans, your ideas….are you 1/12 completed? Have you kept your motivation?

Many find that motivation wanes after the initial excitement wears off. Becoming successful, however, requires that you keep going, work isn’t going to get done by itself.

Let’s look at some factors that might be the cause of you losing your motivation.

👉 You have more fun planning then executing.

The dreams, the aspirations, the desires, whatever you can think of you put on paper and it’s exciting, it’s new, it’s an experience that you cannot wait to achieve.

But when the planning is done, and it comes time to implement your plans, it seems much more daunting to you and less enjoyable.

👉 Life gets in the way and you lose track of the end result.

You must constantly remind yourself of the goal. Almost like the planning itself, visualize yourself, reaching the goal and obtaining the prize.

👉 Your plan really isn’t your plan, it’s what others expect you to do.

Someone may have planted an idea in your head and all of a sudden you thought it was yours. You got excited initially and came up with great ideas but when it came time to put things in motion, you realized this wasn’t your passion.

👉 Negative thoughts are running through your head.

Anytime a thought runs through your head that doesn’t align with what you’re doing, you must stop and redirect your focus to something positive. The key is to notice when these thoughts start populating in your mind and stop it quickly.

👉 Old routines, and habits were never broken.

They say it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, this can be true for us as well. The more bad habits we have the harder it is to break them. If you want to change your behavior and get better results, you need to develop new habits.

Take one habit that keeps getting in your way and develop a new one to replace it. Once that one is completed start on the next one. Eventually you will find your bad habits of been broken and new habits and routines that are better for you are in place.

The best thing you can do is stay focused on your why. This will help keep you motivated, on track, and on your way to achieving success.

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