Do you own your mistakes?

Man's hand, writing in a journal the words My Mistakes as he prepares to list them.

Do you own your mistakes?




I really hate to burst your bubble but…..NOBODY IS PERFECT!

Mistakes happen to the best of us, and how we handle them can make all the difference in both our personal and professional growth. 🌱

I have made lots of mistakes over the years and, it is safe for me to say, that I have learned something from all of them.

I have found that owning my mistakes has had a positive impact and outcome to my career. Here are some of the areas in which I have noticed the biggest changes.


It Built Trust.

By admitting my mistakes, it demonstrated a deeper level of honesty and integrity with those around me. I found this super beneficial for building trust with my colleagues, superiors, clients, and friends.


It Fostered Learning.

Every mistake has been a valuable learning opportunity. When we mess up, we have two things we can do, learn or forget. You should embrace your mistakes, analyze what went wrong, and develop strategies to prevent similar errors in the future.


It Showed Accountability.

As a leader, by my willingness to take responsibility for my actions, I set a positive example for my team. It encouraged them to do the same, which ultimately created a culture of accountability. If you are a team member, it shows your leader that you are someone who can be trusted.


It Improved My Problem-Solving Skills.

By acknowledging my mistakes, I was able to look closer at the issues and find effective solutions to prevent me from doing it again. You know, future mishaps. It gave me a chance to put my critical thinking skills to the test. It will do the same for you.


It Enhanced My Adaptability.

Finally, by owning up to your mistakes, it demonstrated adaptability and resilience. It showed others that I can handle setbacks and continue to grow.

These steps worked for me, and they can for you as well. They truly are game-changers!

Remember, perfection is not the goal; growth is. 🌟 Embrace your mistakes, learn from them, and use them as stepping-stones to success.


Go make a difference in someone’s life today!

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