Do you have a problem checking off your to-do-list?


Do you have a problem checking off your to-do-list?
Let’s see if this is you. You wake up, look at your day and just know it’s going to be super productive. You’re excited, ready to set the world on fire. And then, life happens. Before you go to bed you glance at your list from this morning and nothing is checked off.

Sound about right?

Well, if it is, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you are lazy or incompetent, it just means you need help in a few areas.

👉 Organization.

- If your work space is a mess and disorganized, this could be a factor that played into your lack of getting things done.

- Take some time to clean and organize your area. This will lead to less distractions and wasted time looking for things.

👉 Make a note of what wastes your time.

- Chit chat at the water cooler (are they still a thing), FaceBook stalking your ex, playing just one more game on your phone.

👉 Make sure you know project deadlines.

- One of the fastest ways to “lose your day” is to stop everything you are supposed to be doing to complete an assignment that you forgot about. Not only will this add stress to your life, chances are the output will be subpar.

👉 Walk away and take a break.

- Yes, it sounds counterintuitive but planned breaks throughout your day can actually make you more productive. Check out last week's piece I wrote on this here:

These are just some brief steps that you can take that should help you focus better on getter your to-do-list checked off and not forgotten.

What are some things you would add?

Share your thoughts below.

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