Do You Believe In Giving Back?


Do you believe in giving back?
Most all of us thrive on connection and community, after all, we’re human and we weren’t made to be alone.

We all have a desire to feel a sense of belonging and purpose. Giving back to your community is one way to achieve that.

I personally think giving back allows me to show gratitude for the opportunities that have been provided to me.

I believe that giving back is a way to help create a sense of unity and connectedness. When you serve with people and come together to support a common cause, you are able to bond over shared experiences and values. It can make you feel more invested in the success of your community, which can lead to even greater civic engagement and participation.

Giving back can also help address social and economic inequalities that your area may have. Many communities are plagued by poverty, lack of access to resources, and inadequate support systems.

Giving back can help to bridge these gaps and create a more equitable society. You can volunteer at a local food bank or homeless shelter, donate to a charity that supports marginalized groups, or simply offer your time and skills to those in need.

Volunteering and community service can help you develop new skills as well. Take for instance building a home for Habitat for Humanity. You can learn valuable construction skills that you might be able to use on your next D.I. Y. project.

My wife and I served 10 plus years as adult leaders for the 4-H club our daughters were members of. I was able to mentor these kids in public speaking skills and leadership. Interesting enough though, I learned from the kids as well.

I have also found that volunteering can be a great networking opportunity. Think about it, you are with like-minded people, building relationships, which can lead to future opportunities.

Studies have shown that volunteering and community service can lead to feelings of happiness, fulfillment, and purpose. It can also reduce stress and anxiety, as well as increase self-esteem and confidence. By giving back to your community, you are not only helping others but also improving your own mental and emotional health.

Whether you volunteer your time, donate money or resources, or simply offer your support and kindness to those around you, every act of kindness and service can make a difference in your community.

Think of it as your little part in building a stronger, more resilient community.

How do you give back?

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