Can you tell the difference between no and know?


Can you tell the difference between no and know?
The English language is full of words called homophones. Words that sound the same when spoken but have different meanings and spellings.

Words like:
Baring and Bearing
Cite, sight and site
Hole and Whole
New and Knew as well as my focus today
No and know

In sales we hear the word NO quite often. Let’s break this word down.

No: is used as a determiner or an adverb to indicate a negative response or denial. It is the opposite of "yes" and implies a refusal or negation.
For example:
- "No, I don’t want to buy that." or - "The answer is no."

While on the other hand, know, is a verb that means to have or lack information or knowledge about something or someone. It refers to being aware or unaware, informed or uninformed, familiar or not familiar with a fact or situation. For example:
- "I know the answer to that question."
- "I did not know that was her name?"

So what if in sales we took the NO received by a prospect and took it as a know? Meaning they don’t have enough information to make the purchase.

You have to remember that people have been programmed to say “no”.

Asking questions can reveal the real objection. It will enable you to explain more of the benefits and how your product will solve the problems your prospect is facing.

So remember, while "no" expresses a negative response or denial, use it to your advantage to provide more information so your prospect can "know" why they truly need what you offer.

After all, the more insight you can provide can incite the prospect to buy before you say bye.

Go make a difference in someone’s life today!

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