Are you willing to risk your life for your job?


Are you willing to risk your life for your job?
Most of us would say no. That would be silly, nothing is worth that.

Most likely, Damar Hamlin felt that way as well. The game he plays is for our “entertainment” is a career choice for him.

An athlete pushes their bodies to obtain the maximum performance from them. If you are not willing to do that than the likely hood of you becoming a professional in that sport is slim.

These athletes have a “shelf life” if you will. This is the time they can play before their bodies can no longer take it. The more grueling the sport, the shorter the shelf life. It’s because of this shelf life that they make the kind of money they do.

Is it worth it? Is any amount of money worth the risk?

I’ve seen many players over the years experience career ending injuries. Joe Theismann, Bo Jackson and Ryan Shazier just to name a few.

The next time you see an athlete sign these huge contracts and it makes you mad, remember the risk they take in their jobs. Remember the shelf life they have.

Life is fragile. Anything can happen to any of us at any time and I don’t think there is any amount of money worth that risk.

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