Are You Tired Of Not Getting Things Done?

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Are you tired of not getting things done?
If you’re like most, there’s a pretty good chance you have ten’s if not hundreds of uncompleted projects. And it gets annoying to look around and see your unfinished work. 
Have you ever asked yourself why? What happened to the passion you had when you started? How did you lose interest so fast?
You have every intention of finishing what you start BUT for some unknown reason, you seem to have a habit of leaving things unfinished.
If you are like me, you want to figure out why and change it.
Here are some tips to help you break a bad habit and finish what you start.
👉 Start by asking yourself why? Part of our growth story is figuring out why we do what we do. And when it comes to a habit we need to change it’s even that more important.
For example: Let’s say never get around to finishing cleaning your closet.  You ask yourself why and you figure out that it makes you tired. So in order to have the energy you need to have fun the rest of the weekend you avoid cleaning the closet.
👉 If you can’t figure out why stop thinking about it. Don’t spend a bunch of time on this, if it doesn’t come right away forget it, start over on the project and if then you stop, immediately ask yourself why.
👉 Make a list of your walk-a-way projects, the things left undone. If the list is long, ask yourself what do you care about finishing. Then scratch off the ones you truly don’t care about.

👉 Take the list of leftovers now and circle the top three and choose one of them to start. This type of prioritizing can help you carry the momentum you have towards finishing. Then, you will be excited to go onto the next one.
👉Only focus on one at a time. This is the best way to finish, and it increases the odds of you completing the rest. Eventually you will have them all gone.  

👉 Do not let yourself get overwhelmed. When you feel that way you have a tendency to not do anything at all which could lead to further anxiety. This is one of the main reasons you only focus on one at a time. Give yourself some self-talk love. Reward yourself when you complete the task. Ice cream, coffee, etc.

👉 Remember you scratched off project you didn’t care about, so leave them alone. Our interest change as time passes. Give yourself permission to change your mind. It’s something we all do.

👉 Set a time to complete it. If it’s important enough to stay on your list, make the time to finish it.

I promise if you try these steps, you can break the habit and finish your tasks with ease.
What would you add to the list? I would love to know.
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