Are you living your purpose or someone else's?

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Are you living your purpose or someone else’s?
In my post yesterday I responded to a comment with this statement.
“Unfortunately many people look to work just for the money to accumulate stuff that they put in storage and never use.”

After saying that, John Knotts asked “Why do you suppose that is? Perhaps, when you don't know your own purpose, then you latch onto someone else's?”

I thought it was a great question and possible reason so I wanted to look a little deeper. Why would someone want to essentially live a life with someone else’s purpose? I’ve come up with a few possible reasons.

Perhaps they are just trying to fit in:

If they feel they are different or don’t fit in, emulating the behaviors or attitudes of others they perceive as “popular” could make them feel accepted.

They may be doing it to impress others:

The need to impress others or gain their approval is nothing new. With the rise of so called influencers, adopting the style or persona of someone else is easy.

They could possibly be trying to escape their own problems:

Taking on a different identity could allow them to temporarily forget about their own difficulties.

They could also have a low self-esteem:

They may believe that by adopting the traits or behaviors of someone they admire, they will become more likable or successful.

Finally, they could simply just lack their own identity:

They may try to be someone else as a way to find meaning or direction in their lives. Not knowing what their own purpose is so they try to be someone else.

So, how about you? Are you living YOUR purpose or someone else’s?

Go make a difference in someone’s life today!

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