Are You Good or Are You Great?


Are you good or are you great?
Leaders come in all shapes and sizes but there really are only three types of leaders, bad, good, and great.

Let’s look at the qualities of a leader first. A leader is someone who has the capability to guide and motivate a group of people to pursue a certain goal. It’s an art of inspiring and influencing others to work together with engagement and dedication.

Now I think we can all spot a bad leader so let’s focus on the differences between a good leader and a great one.

While a good leader is competent and reliable, a great leader is one who has the capacity to inspire and motivate people to go beyond their normal duties.

The difference between a good leader and a great leader lies in the approach and the quality of their leadership.

A good leader is reliable, organized and possess sufficient knowledge to influence their team in the right direction. They have the capability to effectively organize and manage the team, create structure and give clear instructions. They focus on task-oriented activities and results.

While a great leader is much more than just reliable and well-organized. They focus on creating engagement, inspiring others, and motivating them to do their best. They also possess the capacity to foster relationships, embrace change, practice empathy, and make decisions with responsibility.

A great leader tends to prioritize long-term success and growth over short-term profits and immediate gratification. They are clear and precise in communication, while striving to bring out the best in people.

A good leader can efficiently manage schedules and processes, while a great leader can take the team to its full potential.

A great leader connects with the team, listens to their ideas and perspectives, leads by example, and helps develop strategies that work for everyone involved.

While a good leader ensures the safe and timely execution of a task, a great leader goes beyond that to nurture relationships, and inspires the team to greatness.

Both good and great leaders have their place and are essential for the success of any organization.

So which are you, good or great?

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