Are You a Servant Leader?


Are you a servant leader?
A few days ago I asked what kind of a leader you were. Do you lead by the worldview or are you a servant leader?

Let me dig a little deeper today on servant leadership.

Servant leadership is a philosophy and practice that focuses on serving others and developing people to reach their full potential.

Servant leaders are focused on:

👉 Serving their team.

👉 Helping team members grow and develop.

👉 Building trust and open lines of communication.

👉 Empowering them to reach their fullest potential.

You see a servant leader is deeply committed to the growth of their staff, and they strive to create an environment that encourages team members to develop and grow.

They work hard to create an atmosphere of respect, trust, and collaboration while they focus on developing their teams strengths.

You’ll find servant leaders are committed to providing the resources and support their team needs to reach their goals. It’s not just about the bottom line.

➡️ Servant leadership is not just about managing people, but about developing relationships with them.

➡️ Servant leaders strive to be a mentor and coach to their followers, and they seek to create an environment of trust and collaboration.

➡️ Servant leaders focus on building relationships that are characterized by mutual respect and understanding.

Choosing to lead by serving has proven time and time again to be a powerful tool for creating positive team dynamics which can result in more successful teams and more satisfied team members.

Take some time today and evaluate your leadership style and see what you focus on.

Are you a servant leader?

Share your thoughts below.

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