Are You A Knower or A Doer?


Are you a knower or a doer?
I have always believed in life long learning. Finding new things, new ideas, new passions. There are many that believe this way as well.

But I want to point out that this learning, that provides us with “head knowledge,” is one thing. Actually implementing and doing is something totally different.

If you don’t know, I spent over 16 years in the automotive industry. Starting on the sales floor and quickly moving into management, most of which was in the finance department. Had I not known the
sales process and how to structure the deal, finance would have been extremely hard.

It’s one thing knowing what to do, but understanding the process of the why is different.

This was a time before credit scores and the automation that is involved today. We had to structure the loan and actually “sell” the bank on buying the paper.

When I relocated to Texas, I was the used car manager for a dealership that hired a new finance guy right out of college who had never sold a car. He had the knowledge of his job and understood finance. He was even good and presenting the various products to the clients offered by the finance department. What he lacked however was the understanding of the deal structure. Something you cannot learn unless you do it. He was missing the “hands on doer” part.

I liked this kid and took time to teach him the part he was missing. I would role play with him so he understood the process and then taught him the method behind the structure. He went on to have a successful career and I believe he is still in the business today.

You see, knowing what to do is having knowledge or information about what actions need to be taken. While doing it refers to actually taking those actions and putting that knowledge into practice.

In other words, knowing what to do is just the first step, while doing is the crucial step that requires effort, commitment, and action. It's not enough to simply have knowledge or information; it's equally if not more important to take action and implement that knowledge in order to achieve success.

So I ask again, are you a knower or a doer?

I believe it’s the doer that changes the world.

Go make a difference today! Be a doer.

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