Why Should Someone Hire You?


Why should someone hire you?
In a world where there are so many people doing relatively the same thing, what do you do that sets you apart? What makes you different?

Here are three ideas that I believe are critical in helping you win more business.

👉 Don’t be a generalist. Find a niche.

👉 Be able to communicate what you do in a quick, concise statement.

👉 Explain what makes you an expert.

So what does this look like in real life? Here are my responses.

My Niche
👉 Christians in the market place and Pastors.

My Statement
👉 I help Christian business leaders, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who are trying to incorporate their faith with their work, as well as Pastors who are approaching burnout.

My Expert Statement
👉 As a business owner who incorporates my faith in my work, I understand the struggles and will stand with you and work with you to overcome the barriers that you are facing. As a Pastor, I understand burnout and the unique challenges that Church leaders face today.

Having a specific group of people you work with, will allow you to focus and dedicate your marketing efforts on that group.

What tips would you add?

Share you thoughts below.

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Photo credit Hanna Busing on Unsplash