When does no mean know?


When does no mean know?
If you have ever sold anything your life I’m sure you have heard the word no.

Are you ready to proceed? No!

How about delivery next week? No!

Is this the right one? No!

Most salespeople hear the no and then do one of two things

🛑 They stop the process and accept the no.

😤 They make the prospect mad because the keep using selling techniques to close the sale.

What if there was a better way?

What if you could understand consumer behavior and realized the sometimes “no” means ”know” as in I don’t KNOW enough to make a decision.

We have all done it. Had a prospect looking for something we offered, they said no and the next thing you know they bought it from someone else.

The other person addressed the “know.”

We have to be able to explain what we do in such a way that the prospect clearly understands. Educating them and asking the right questions to confirm they are keeping up.

Here is one question I ask during conversations with prospects and clients. If you get good at this one question and understand the reason for it, you will experience more success.

Various times during the presentation I will say….

👉 Does that make sense?
Two things will happen here, both require a follow up question.

If they say yes, ➡️ Great, what part makes the most sense to you? You can tell if they truly understand with that question.

If they say no, ➡️ I’m sorry, I get so excited talking about this stuff I tend to have you drink from a firehouse. Can you tell me l, where did I lose you? In other words where did it stop making sense to you?

This has proven to be very effective in finding the disconnect.

This simple question will allow you to provide the prospect with a better understanding of your offer and how it fulfills their need. The more they truly “know” will lead to more sales and less “no’s”

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