What's Your Why?


What’s your why?
We all have one, so what’s yours?

Many on this LinkedIn share their why each and every day.

👉 Take for instance, Jane Lehman. Her “why” is helping people understand how affordable legal representation can be and the reason you should have it.

👉 Fred Diamond is not only an incredible sales leader but a big “why” for him is teaching others about Lyme Desease and how harmful it is.

👉 Kevin Monroe’s “why” is being an Amasador of Gratitude. Teaching individuals and organizations the power of incorporating gratitude in all that they do.

Any of this helping you figure out your why yet?

Let’s try a few more.

👉 John Knotts has a “why” as well. He likes helping people understand how planning and systems are critical to their success. The information he shares on a daily basis is incredible.

👉 Marty Gilbert’s “why” is helping job seekers understand the complexity of resume writing and interviewing in today’s job market.

👉 And last but not least for today is Larry Reines. His “why” is helping organizations understand their psychological makeup and the importance of clarifying their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are.

Now I want it know your why, tell me about it in the comments below.

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