What’s Your Story Of Redemption And Revival?


What’s your story of redemption and revival?
We moved from Pittsburgh in the early 70’s to Phoenix. It seemed like every summer we would dive back and visit family. These road-trips would be filled with days of driving, sleeping in the car, and stopping at a two roadside havens called Howard Johnson’s and Stukey’s.

Until a few days ago, I thought both had gone by the wayside. That’s when I ran across a post written by Stephanie Stuckey. The name was unique, so I chose to click it and read it. The excitement I had when I saw that the granddaughter of the original Mr. Stuckey bought the company a few years ago and is doing everything in her power to bring it back.

Click the picture below or her name to read her story. Stephanie Stuckey

As a leader, her story made me wonder why Stuckey‘s appears to be headed for success while the Howard Johnson’s name is owned by a corporation. Here’s what I came up with.

👉 Pride: When a business carry’s “your name” you have something to protect.

👉 Heritage: The desire to keep something that should have always been.

👉 Honor: Keeping things alive as a way to honor the past.

Now I don’t know if there are any Johnson’s that tried to keep the HoJo name “in the family” but there is for sure is a Stuckey that wants to keep her families legacy alive and well. Congratulations and all the best, maybe soon I can take my granddaughter on a road trip and have her look for the place with blue roof!

What are some “brands”, family or not, that you remember?

What companies can you think of that have a cool redemption story?

Share you thoughts below.

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Photo taken from Ms. Stuckey's post