What's Your Story?


What’s your story?
Is it filled with humor or is your story nothing but drama? Is it filled with wins or riddled with losses?

Chances are, your story, is similar to everyone else’s, a conglomeration of it all.

So what can you do to ensure that your story stands out from the crowd? What will make you significant?

👉 Be yourself. There is no one else on earth that was created to be you.

👉 Be involved. Write your story yourself, before someone else writes it for you.

👉 Be compassionate. The more compassion you have towards others the greater your story will be.

👉 Be inclusive. Always include those who have impacted your life and supported you on your journey.

👉 Be grateful. Giving thanks for the ability to make a difference, to be significant, to be an inspiration.

Remember significance doesn’t mean fame and fortune, it doesn’t mean being a household name.

Being significant is as simple as:

➡️ Showing up to your kids ball game.

➡️ Remembering a colleagues birthday.

➡️ Opening a door for someone.

➡️ Sharing a smile.

Your story can be significant. Your story can make a difference. Your story can inspire the life of others.

Now go write your story, I can’t wait to read it. The BEST is yet to come.

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Photo credit Muhammad Haikal Sjurki on Unsplash