What lessons have I learned from being Santa Clause?


What lessons have I learned from being Santa Clause?
It’s that magical time of the year again. Christmas trees, Christmas, lights, decorations galore, and of course, Santa Claus!

I am truly blessed that for the past 15 years or so, I have been honored to portray this Magical Elf during my City’s Holiday Lighted Parade.

When the parades over I make my way to the courthouse for the annual lighting of the city tree, and the Courthouse building. Then the children flock to tell Santa all of the things that they “want“ for Christmas.

This year was no different, I heard everything from hoverboards and Xbox’s to baby dolls, and puppy dogs. Two kids even asked for a turtle.

Here’s what I’ve learned as Santa:

🎁 Don’t ever promise something that is out of your control.

🎅You see, if Santa were to say, yes, making a promise to this child, and it isn’t received, there would be disappointment, and heartbreak when they wake up and find that the didn’t get it.

🎁 Closely listen.

🎅 You can tell when a kid is saying things because he has heard other kids say the same thing. (Seriously, go back to the turtle.) Ask question to get the real desire.

🎁 Being looked up to is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

🎅 For the most part, kids are still in awe of Santa. They look at you with wonder in their eyes. Trust, and hope are ingrained in their thoughts. One wrong move could shatter the experience.

🎁 There is hope for humanity.

🎅 There are still children who make comments that are pure and beautiful. Their hearts are filled with compassion for others. When they make comments like “all I want, is for my friend Sally to be able to sleep at night without being afraid.” Or, “I really would like my parents to stop fighting.” And there’s always one in the crowd who says “I would like peace on Earth to be real.”

How does this relate to business:

👉 Think about your team, are you making promises to them that are out of your control?

👉 Does your team say “all the right words” just to appease you?

👉 what do you say and how do you say it to your team matters. If they respect you, as they should, one wrong word could shatter the entire culture.

👉 Don’t let the world make you cynical. People have value, everyone has value. Look for it in your team, and realize that all they really want at work is to not be afraid, and have peace.

Enjoy Thanksgiving this week with your family, and may you live a life of thankfulness and gratitude.

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