What Kind Of Legacy Will You Leave?


What kind of legacy will you leave?
Yesterday, I attended the memorial service of a friend. She was a talented actress and an incredible human being.

Sitting in the theater, her second home, listening to the stories that people shared about her, watching the slide presentation of all the shows she was in, laughing, remembering, crying. It was an emotional day and a wonderful day all at the same time.

Joan Bryson, Joanie to most, touched the lives of thousands of people. Having performed or participated in upwards of 80 shows over the past 23 or so years, she leaves behind something that may just never be achieved by anyone else.

I had the pleasure, no, the joy of working with her in the very first show I did about two years after moving here over 25 years ago.

It was a dark show, called The Night Hank Williams Died. Working with Joanie kept us laughing even when the scene was harsh. She did this every time she took the stage.

Joan was an encouraging soul. Never saying a cross or a negative word. True, honest, real.

Listening to everyone speak of her legacy made me think about my life, and yours.

What I came up with are a few things that we can do as leaders to leave a legacy that will be remembered forever.

👉 Treat everyone you meet like they are the most important person you have ever met.

👉 Show up, even if you’re not the star.

👉 Praise your supporting cast, especially when YOU are one of them.

👉 When you don’t get the part, keep auditioning anyway.

👉 Don’t judge others, EVER.

👉 Find the good in everyone.

👉 When you can’t think of anything nice to say, make sure you tell your face.

Joan’s legacy will live on forever in our little town, and for those of us who were blessed to work with her, our hearts will forever be changed.

Remember, the final curtain will come down on all of our lives, will you be remembered for your performance?

Joan Bryson, exit, stage right.

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