What Does This Day Mean To You?


What does this day mean to you?
Here in the United States, this is election day. At the end of this day there will be winners, losers, happiness and tears.

As a nation we have become more divided then any previous time in our history excluding the Civil War. A dark time in our nation where brothers killed brothers, fathers killed sons and sons killed fathers.

What happened to our country?

What happened to our kindness?

What happened to our compassion?

Today, as a people, we have resorted to name calling, finger pointing and total distrust for anyone “on the other side.”

What’s sad to me is how far we have fallen. How we have allowed the corruption, manipulation and lies from “BOTH sides” turn a civilized people into a barbaric society.

Conversations can no longer be civil, it all comes down to us vs. them.

Our words towards others spew out of our mouths as a cobra spits it’s venomous poison. “Each side” demanding that they be agreed with and Katie bar the door if we don’t. Like a spoiled child who doesn’t get their way, a tantrum erupts when we don’t agree.

When will this madness stop?

I say, Today!

If you live in America, go, do your civic duty and vote. If you don’t like what we have, vote to change it. If you like what we have vote to keep it, just make sure you vote.

Then, be nice! Maybe if we sat down and actually had civil discourse we would see our differences aren’t that different after all.

Like the Wigs and the Federalists, the Republicans and Democrats will someday fall by the wayside. Maybe a new party will emerge. A party that puts people like you and me ahead of themselves which is what they are supposed to do anyway. I guess it’s something we could pray for.

Stop serving and being loyal to a political party, neither one really cares. They both seek power, and will promise anything to retain it.

Today, tell someone you don’t “agree” with that you love them. Tell them that you care about them as a human. Then ask yourself who do you serve.

And me, well “for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Remember, it’s “We the people.”

Wishing you the best today and praying for our nation.

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