What Can We Learn From The Day That Would Live In Infamy?


What can we learn from the day that would live in infamy?
I wasn’t born yet but I do remember what I was taught about this tragic day.

Eighty-one years ago today, over 2400 people lost their lives during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

What isn’t always taught is that the Japanese attacked many other locations in the Pacific as they looked for total domination of the region.

Malaya, Hong Kong, Guam, the Philippine Islands, Wake Island and Midway all suffering the brutal attack of Japan.

While Japans goal was to share world domination with Nazi Germany, their “poking of the bear” by bombing Pearl Harbor was all that was needed to awaken the spirit of victory that was slumbering within America.

What did we learn from the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

👉 Be prepared especially for the unthinkable.
America wasn’t really involved in WWII and an attack on American soil was never expected. They were not prepared.

❓Is there a weakness in your business that you aren’t prepared for❓

👉 Listen to those around you, they just might be able to save you.
Some believe that U.S. Intelligence was told about some chatter around a possible attack, but in their arrogance, did not believe it or share the information.

❓Who are you ignoring in your company that just might be seeing something you don’t see❓

👉 What tears us down can make us stronger.
Japan believed this attack would be a crippling blow to America, one that they felt would lead to a nation of submission. They didn’t understand the passion of the American people.

❓How deep is your passion? Is it strong enough to withstand an unexpected attack❓

This attack on America taught them that there were still many things to learn. The same holds true for leaders. We should never stop learning.

What are you doing to protect and lead your organization? Share your response below.

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