What are your thoughts on sales automation?


What are your thoughts on sales automation?
You know, the automatic email, text message or phone call?

You share your information because you are interested in something and then you find yourself spiraling out of control in the sales funnel.

❓Do you use them in your business? If so, I would love to hear how they work for you.

❓Have you fallen victim to one? I’m extremely interested in hearing what you liked AND what annoys you about them.

I’m not a fan……yet. 🤔 I am however open to learning and understanding more about them, and believe me, if I want to know more, so do others.

I still believe in personal contact:
👉 one-to-one
👉 shaking hands
👉 looking in your eyes
👉 face to face

There’s a lot to say about that type of interaction.

I imagine there is a happy medium to this. A world where the two can work side by side, hand in hand, complimentary to each other but I just don’t know.

Truly looking forward to hearing your experiences, both good and bad, from both sides, the user and the customer.

Share your thoughts below.

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