What Are You Willing To Change?


What are you willing to change?
Most will answer this question with an enthusiastic NOTHING!

For some reason, most people are afraid of change while change is the only constant that is always happening around us.

Here are some ideas on how you, as a leader, can help your team go from fearing change to embracing it.

👉 Be open and honest in communicating the reason for change. REMEMBER: “Because I said so doesn’t work.”

👉 Make it about them (the team) and not about company profits. REMEMBER: They don’t care about your bottom line unless you give them a reason to; hence make it about them.

👉 Be excited about the change. REMEMBER: As a leader, your team will feed off of you. If you’re positive about they should be as well.

👉 Beta test the change before implementation. REMEMBER: You want to address any unintended consequences before full roll out. This will lesson the issues that could arise.

There are many additional things you as a leader can do but these are a great start.

Embrace change as a positive process to move further on the journey of success.

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Photo curtesy of Markus Spiske on Unsplash.