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How do you recognize that you’re always trying to be right?

How do you break the cycle of always being right?
Yesterday, I posted a message and asked the question; How important is it to always be right.

John Knotts asked those questions above and, in a private conversation, explained that my simply “pointing out the issues” wasn’t enough, I needed to share the “how.” So today, as a birthday gift to him, and for the benefit of those who read my posts, here is the how.

The first question is a really great question. I can’t tell you how to recognize that you are always trying to be right. What I can do though is share with you what I did to break it. The “how” it worked for me.

👉 I learned how to be empathic towards others.

👉 I started to started to understand that we truly are in this together and that other people have gifts, and talents that I have not been given. Koda AugustBen AlbertAhmad Munawar

👉 I started to value people for who they are and what they have to contribute. Cynthia Soares-Harfoush, ⚡️Simon Severino, Marty GilbertAlan Chamo

👉 I found that gratitude is one of the greatest gifts to have and there are many others in Thai community that believe that too. Kevin MonroeVicki J. O'Grady-LongoMark Cumicek , Joon Chang and many others.

👉 I started to look at things through the eyes of others and what happened in their lives that would make them think the way they think and do for others what the do. Amy McCaeTara LaFon Gooch, MBA

👉 I started giving credit to those that have impacted my life in a positive way. John KnottsJane LehmanLarry ReinesFred Diamond

👉 I found others on the same journey to share their faith in the workplace. Monte Clark , Jeffrey CusterAlex JuddWayne Uecker

👉 I just decided to be nice, accept that I don’t know it all, and I no longer need to be right in everything.

Now, you know the “how” and “what” you can do to be a better human.

Go and change someone’s life today!

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