How Old Is Too Old?


How old is too old?
50, 60, 70, 80?

Saturday night, after a 55 year career in Major League Baseball, 73 year old, Dusty Baker won the World Series as the manager for the Houston Astros.

This was the cherry on top of an incredible career as both a player and a manager.

As awesome as this is, Dusty is not the only person that has accomplished great things at an older age.

➡️ Susan B Anthony was over 80!when she formed the International Woman Suffering Alliance.

➡️ With crippled up hands from arthritis, 76 year old Anna Mary Robertson Moses, know to most as Grandma Moses, started painting.

➡️ At 78 years old, Dale Davis bowled a perfect 300, 12 strikes in a row all while being legally blind.

➡️ In 2011, 81 year old Lew Hollander became the oldest person to ever complete the Ford Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

So what does all this mean for you and me?

👉 You’re never to old to achieve the missing piece.

👉 If your passion for justice is real, age only adds to the sweetness of success.

👉 A physical ailment may stop you in one area of life but you can change your focus and continue on to even greater things.

👉 You might not be able to physically “see” your goal but the clear picture of it in your mind can be enough to achieve perfection.

👉 You can accomplish anything you want if you take care of your body. Age is just a number.

Think about your age and make a plan now of what you want to accomplish in your “golden years.”

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Photo credit Ksenia Emelianchik on Unsplash