How important is integrity to you?


How important is integrity to you?
Are you familiar with Toastmasters International? Last night I attended a virtual meeting as a guest. There were many others there like Jane LehmanJohn Knotts and Robyn Tresnak. One of the positions for the meeting is the word master.

This position comes up with a word that anyone who speaks needs to use the word if they are called upon to speak. The word master for the evening was my friend Cynthia Soares-Harfoush and the word she chose was integrity.

I love the word integrity. There are so many great things that encapsulate that word.

The traits of someone with integrity are many. Let me share some some.

👉 Responsible. People with integrity take accountability for their actions. Never blaming someone else.

👉 Trustworthy. People with integrity do what they say. Their yes is yes and their no is no.

👉 People with integrity are hardworking, gracious and respectful.

👉 Helpful. People with integrity, help those in need.

👉 Patient. People with integrity can wait for the right time. They don’t rush or push.

👉 Honest. People with integrity are honest in all their dealings.

Most of all, integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.

Again I ask, how important is integrity to you? Share your thoughts below.

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