How Do You Know When To Fish Or Cut Bait?


How do you know when to fish to cut bait?
Do you fish? I’m not talking about going to the river bank or the lake, casting a line and sitting there waiting for something to happen. I’m talking about going out to sea, the ocean, the gulf, what’s referred to as deep sea fishing.

Now that’s fishing to me. There’s nothing like having a Blue fish hit the bait and then turn against the current. The fight is on at that point. Who’s going to give up first, you or the fish. An hour into the fight you start thinking, “am I going to fish, or am I going to cut bait?”

Your arms are burning, you feel the scorching sun beating down on you, sweat dripping all over your body, success is just a few reel turns away, or is it? A decision truly needs to be made. Do you continue to fish, or do you cut bait, refocus and drop the line somewhere else?

As a leader, we need to make this decision almost daily when it comes to both prospects and employees.

Here are some scenarios to consider. What would you do, fish or cut bait?

👉 You have been working a prospect for months. They are polite, they take your call, they always respond. You have shown them time and time again you have the solution to their problem and they agree. They just won’t commit. What do you do?

👉 You have an employee that calls in sick a lot. They complain when they are there and their work is sub par. What do you do?

👉 You have a prospect that refuses your calls, when you do get through they rush you off the phone. What do you do?

👉 Your employee is a hard worker, clients love them, their co-workers love them, you love them. But they make mistakes, lots of them. Many times the same one over and over. What do you do?

Too many times we as leaders stay fishing when we should have cut bait, and we also have cut bait when we should have stayed fishing.

Successful fishermen know when it’s time to keep fishing or cut the line. They can fell the fish giving up, losing hope and know that the fight is almost over. They also know their own body and the limits it can take.

Successful leaders know the cost value of a prospect. How much time they can spend on a prospect before it becomes “unprofitable” to keep fishing. Same goes for employees. How much training or retraining is needed. How much does it cost to hire someone new.

I ask you again, do you know when to fish to cut bait?

Share your thoughts below.

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Photo credit Stephen Momot on Unsplash.