How Do I know If I'm A Leader?


How do I know if I’m a leader?
I get asked that question a lot and my answer is pretty much the same….if you have to ask you probably aren’t.

I don’t say this to be mean but even if a leader doesn’t recognize they are a leader, they feel it and wouldn’t ask that question.

👉 They know that everything they do is being watched and scrutinized by others.

👉 They know that they have a responsibility to do the right thing.

👉 They work on themselves to get better, be better, do better.

👉 They run companies, lead departments, chair committees and take out the trash if it needs to get done.

👉 A leader gives the credit instead of taking it.

👉 A leader makes their boss look good.

That last one is one of my favorites. Sometimes a leader isn’t the boss, or manager or even the owner. Sometimes the leaders is a staff member that fulfills all the other qualities I spoke about.

Here are a few things you can do to become the leader that is within you.

➡️ Work on yourself. Read, watch and listen to things that promote your self worth.

➡️ Step up when needed and then give control back when your done. This will be noticed.

➡️ Be willing to do the time, don’t give up, keep learning.

➡️ Get to know other leaders that can help you grow.

➡️ Volunteer on a non-profit board.

Before you know it, the leader within you will emerge victorious.

Now go be a blessing to someone today!

If you’re looking for help on developing your leadership skills let me know. I’d love the opportunity to help you grow.

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